Developing People Insights

Welcome to our Developing People Insights.  It's where we give advice, discuss the latest research and provide our opinions on how best to develop people to create change and drive business growth.  It’s written by our development experts, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, so whatever your business, you'll find something of interest.



Tips for Better Presentations

Standing up and presenting to others is an important responsibility of a line manager. It is a key communication tool and therefore managers need to be credible and believable when they pres...

image for Dealing with Aggressive or Difficult Customers

Dealing with Aggressive or Difficult Customers

It may be a sign of the times, but frequently customer facing personnel are required to deal with difficult and aggressive customers. Customers have a right to complain about poor service, a...

Leadership and Career Development

Imagine you have a ‘traditional’ notion of a career, you are ambitious and see yourself as someone with potential to be a future leader. You joined the business because you see it as fas...