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360 Degree Surveys for up to 10 of your staff  for just £990 plus VAT

Self-awareness is essential to leadership and leaders who are self-aware are critical to business success.  So join many leading organisations who have used our 360 degree survey to improve the performance of their staff. 

"Self-awareness involves deep personal honesty.  It comes from asking and answering hard questions."

Stephen Covey

Click here to see an example 360 degree survey report


Our fees include online 360 degree surveys for up to 10 participants with a maximum of 10 respondents and provision of company branded individual printed and bound reports.  We use a set of tried and tested management competencies which have proven to be successful for a number of leading organisations but we can customise the report to align with your own management competencies for a one off fee.  Please contact us for further details.    

This promotional price is available for a short time only so to find out more call us on 0800 280 2346 or complete our contact form.


Terms and Conditions:

  • We will agree the date for the survey to be sent and the date by which the survey must be completed with the organisation.
  • Once the dates are agreed the survey will be sent to up to 10 individuals for them to send to their reviewers.
  • It is the individual's responsibility to ensure that they submit their self-review and that their reviewers submit the survey by the agreed deadline.
  • Reports will be generated and sent to individuals within 7 days of the deadlne.