What Our Clients Say

We have built an enviable reputation for retaining clients over a long period.  We have achieved this by understanding our clients' needs and delivering personalised solutions that create measurable change.  This is why leading organisations such as Samsung, IBM, Go Ahead and Hamleys choose us to develop their people.

If you are considering using us to help you to develop your people and drive your business’ performance then why not read what our clients say about us, our services and the impact we have had on their businesses below.


Start QuoteDeveloping People has provided us with the necessary challenge, advice, guidance and training and development support to help us grow and develop our managers and staff globally and improve their performance. end Quote

Mike Proctor - Global HR Director


Start QuoteDeveloping People’s coaching has helped myself and a number of my Key Executives to develop their leadership skills and performance and to prepare and support them as they have taken on bigger roles in the IBM Global Software business. end Quote

Graham Spittle - Vice President

Start QuoteThe training and development programs have had a real impact on the business, helping us to rapidly improve vehicle reliability as well as reduce costs. end Quote

Geoff Parsons - Engineering Director


Start QuoteThe client experience development programme delivered by Developing People International has had a significant impact on how our client facing staff perform and manage their client relationships.  This has started to influence the perceptions our clients have of our organisation and we are seeing increasing levels of business as a result. end Quote

Nick Barbeary Client Experience Director


Start QuoteDeveloping People have helped our managers to take greater responsibility and improve their confidence and performance. This has enabled a number of them to take on broader and more senior roles within the business. end Quote

Jamie Cuthbert - MD


Start QuoteThe Leadership Event was very successful for us. Developing People took us outside of our usual environment and challenged us as a team which was very beneficial as it helped us to improve how we work together. end Quote

Krissie Davies - Operations Director


Start QuoteYou worked with us to understand the training needs and what we wanted to up skill the managers on as a result we managed to deliver a pan EU training offer that was well received by all. end Quote

Jo Palmer - HR Manager


Start QuoteI wanted to feedback on the brilliant ‘Dealing with Difficult Customers’ course we ran across our organisation at three separate events.  It has changed the way we deal with customers and I have seen our staff employ the skills and tips they learnt with great results. Stuart was very knowledgeable and was able to tailor each event to our individual needs as there were a  number of different requirements from the delegates.  The experience with Developing People from start to finish was faultless, we will certainly run the course again in the future for new employees. I would highly recommend the course to other organisations that deal with customers.end Quote

Kevin Halpin-Rose - HR Business Partner


Start QuoteDeveloping People have helped us to enhance our recruitment process and educate hiring managers on the benefits of a thorough and robust competency based approach.  An additional benefit has come about through the candidate feedback process which ultimately resulted in several internal applicants taking on additional responsibilityend Quote

Amie Crews - Group Talent Manager


Start QuoteDeveloping People were very professional and well organised. They provided an objective and challenging view point and helped the Anaesthesia and Surgery team to come up with a clear plan on how we could work more effectively together and deliver our challenging cost improvement programme. end Quote

Karen Morrey - Divisional General Manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire 
Anaesthesia & Surgery


Start QuoteDeveloping People International carried out an extremely sensitive and complex project with precision, insight and clear sightedness. They delivered to extremely tight deadlines and I was delighted with their work. end Quote

Liz Smith - Head of HR English Regions


Start QuoteWe recognise that Developing People has a unique set of skills and experiences that work successfully for us - particularly because they provide an objective view to support and challenge us from outside the Organisation. end Quote

Iain McGonigal - Greenock Executive


Start QuoteDeveloping People facilitated a Team Development Away day which was both invaluable and fun. As a result our team is in a much better place than it was four months ago, and we have a greater appreciation of each other’s differences, strengths and weaknesses. We communicate more effectively as a team and have learnt a great deal about each other which has had a positive effect on our performance. end Quote

Martin McDonald - Assistant Director Procurement


Start Quote     I have been impressed by the service delivered, which has been both flexible and professional. end Quote

David Edwards - HR Manager


Start QuoteDeveloping People worked flexibly with us to design and deliver these Development Centres to produce a mapping of each manager’s individual strengths and weaknesses and a new personal development plan. The success of this programme is reflected in a 20% improvement in the number of staff who believe they are well managed measured through our Staff Surveyend Quote

Shelagh Legrave, Chief Operating Officer 


Start QuoteThe work that Developing People did was a critical activity for us, and their skills, experience and advice were excellent, and ensured that all involved felt positive about the process and outcomes.end Quote

Peter Walters - CEO


Start QuoteThe programme has made a huge difference in their (the racecourse MD’s) self perception. Their confidence has increased, they are more positive, they seem to be able to handle difficult relationships in a much better way. end Quote

Lynne Bulmer - Group HR Manager

Start QuoteHere at Walsall Healthcare we are committed to developing our people whether it be Leadership training or essential  skills for frontline managers.

We recently invited Developing People to deliver a  one day  Crucial Conversation Skills programme. The feedback was excellent, with delegates stating that they were able to  reflect on and discuss their current challenges and apply the theory gained in a highly practical and confident manner.end Quote

Barbara Emanuel - Training and Development Manager 


Start QuoteWe were very impressed with the How to Get More Out of Your Working Day Course delivered by Developing People.  The feedback from Participants following the course has been excellent and the skills learned have been easily transferred to the workplace.end Quote

Anne Ashton - Learning and Development Manager


Start QuoteThe course went down very well with the participants. The training was packed with useful tools and techniques. It’s important because it impacts directly on the way in which you interact with other people.end Quote

Sarah Price - Central Training Trainer


Start QuoteThe Staff Grade & Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors who undertook the sessions arranged by Developing People were unanimous in their appreciation of the courses.  They were professional, well-managed and timely. All courses involved a lot of interaction between candidates. This promoted communicating amongst ourselves more effectively, and self-reflection to allow for changes to our own practice that will hopefully result in all of us delivering better patient care. In addition, this self-reflection and changes to our own practice will result in improved job satisfaction for ourselves.end Quote

Dr Angelique Barkhuizen


Start QuoteThe leadership programme was an instant success, challenging a key group to think of the future and act confidently and without direction from above. Developing People’s ability to understand our culture and act within it, whilst pushing its boundaries, has been impressive. end Quote

Managing Director


Start QuoteDeveloping People are our preferred HR partner and have helped us to successfully manage a number of recruitment, organisational, people and performance related projects. They provide  us with expert independent HR advice and guidance that has added real value to our business. end Quote

Nick Cahn - MD


Start QuoteDeveloping People worked closely with us to deliver interventions that met our needs and expectations. They were very professional and provided an excellent service. end Quote

Claire Bradshaw - Staff Development Manager


Start QuoteThe managers attending this course were very pleased with the practicality of the information; lots of tips and tools, which enabled them to easily transfer the skills to their meeting occasions. The training was focussed to their needs and interactive, which has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of many of our meetings.end Quote

Marie Wood - Training Manager,


Start QuoteDeveloping People took time to understand our requirements, and tailored their services to meet our needs. We were very pleased with the services they provided to us. end Quote 

Anna Boyce - HR Director


Start QuoteWe particularly like how Developing People recommends how to extend the training skills achieved and keep them alive.  Feedback session with the training department and then a half day feedback ‘surgery’ with the participants to share progress.  We were so impressed with the training from Developing People that we approached them within 2 weeks of the Performance Management training completion to ask for further input into the whole sales team development at a national conference. end Quote

Debbie Woodward – Learning and Development Executive, Galderma


Start Quote Developing People have worked with us at Chemring Technology Solutions since 2010, to develop and deliver a variety of leadership and management training solutions. This has helped improve the skills, performance and confidence of our current and future leaders which is vital to support the growth of our Company. Their approach was tailored specifically to our needs and they delivered courses which were practical and engaging.end Quote

Victoria Thomson Chartered MCIPD - HR Advisor


Start QuoteThe training was very well received by our managers. It was packed with useful tips, tools and techniques that the participants took away and used to help them manage and reduce their pressure and stress. end Quote

Paula Chilton - Human Resources Manager


Start QuoteDeveloping People International delivered a management development programme which has had a significant impact on our business. Their approach was tailored specifically to our needs, and complimented other sessions we were running alongside, so our managers are better able to support the success and continued growth of the business, the feedback from our staff who attended the programme has been excellent.end Quote

Bianca Parker-Beckett - Human Resources Manager


Start QuoteAll of the trainees on Assertiveness Skills training with Developing People were really happy with the delivery, the tutor's approach and knowledge as well as the content of the training. We will definitely use Developing People again when a training need arises.end Quote

Paula Packowska - L&D Assistant


Start QuoteDeveloping People worked with us to design and deliver a Management Development Programme in “bite-size” modules to specifically address the challenges faced by our managers and college.  The programme was excellent value for money and one which I would certainly like to repeat.  The skills learnt on this high impact programme were readily transferred back to the workplace and really benefitted our managers and the college. end Quote 

Sarah Meeson - Director HR


Start QuoteHaving independent support, guidance and encouragement at a difficult time.  Ensuring I spent time to reflect on issues, and being made to think.  Positive challenge.  The coaching has improved my self-belief and self-worth and my thinking has become clearer and more focussed. end Quote 

Nikky Keely - Managing Director


Start QuoteDeveloping People’s coaching has helped me to stand back and look at

my new Executive role with fresh, more objective eyes and to confidently take the actions necessary for me to grow into this role quickly and effectively. I have achieved this without losing my competitive drive to succeed. The overwhelmingly positive management survey feedback from my management team is a testimony to the progress that has been made. end Quote

Dave Andrews - Director


Start QuoteMy interaction with the Developing People Coach is focused, intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.  The coach’s approach and technique is well judged and enables me to accept and engage without becoming defensive or feeling that it is a limited or superficial interaction. end Quote

Carole Damper - Chief Executive


Start QuoteDeveloping People have made a real difference to the leadership team’s capability and performance. The programme helped me and my managers to further develop our leadership skills and gave us the confidence to work more effectively and productively together as a team, and has enabled us to continue to drive the business forward.end Quote

Andrew Ronchetti - Site Manager