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Welcome to our Developing People Insights.  It's where we give advice, discuss the latest research and provide our opinions on how best to develop people to create change and drive business growth.  It’s written by our development experts, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, so whatever your business, you'll find something of interest.



Leading your team to greater performance

In his book ‘Leading Teams’ Richard Hackman sets out the basic conclusions that leaders of businesses and other organisations must fulfil in order to create and maintain effective teams....

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A Question of Leadership

Research shows that in effective teams, members share their own views openly and ask others for their views too. By combining openness with a genuine desire to understand, teams keep discuss...

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How to Communicate Effectively

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Of course we all know how to communicate effectively or do we? Follow these simple rules that I use and it will help you to communicate effectively at all levels ...