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Welcome to our Developing People Insights.  It's where we give advice, discuss the latest research and provide our opinions on how best to develop people to create change and drive business growth.  It’s written by our development experts, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, so whatever your business, you'll find something of interest.



The Toxic Effect of an Organisation’s Culture

Delloite’s Jeff Schwartz and Josh Bersin wrote a report last year on global human capital trends after surveying 2,500 business and HR leaders from over 90 countries.  They found that com...

image for The traits of a Micromanager - how many do you display?

The traits of a Micromanager - how many do you display?

Most managers want to do a good job.  They don't turn up to work and deliberately try to frustrate or demotivate. But that is what they end up doing when they micromanage their staff, and m...

image for Lessons on Becoming the Boss

Lessons on Becoming the Boss

You are excited and apprehensive at the same time.  You are excited because at last you have been promoted into the management role you deserve. You are apprehensive because  you know that...