Successful Selling

Course Aims:

This is a foundation course for those new to sales or who have experience but no formal training in selling.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what excellence in sales looks like.
  • Use powerful questioning skills to uncover requirements.
  • Improve close ratio by matching customers’ needs to product benefits. 
  • Use persuasion strategies to convince customers and clients.
  • Set a plan to increase personal sales levels.


  • 2 days/In house

Skills of a successful sales person

  • What do successful sales people do?
  • Planning and objective setting
  • Using SWOT and PESTLE tools to identify opportunities
  • Differentiating yourself

Questioning techniques to uncover opportunities

  • Open and closed questioning
  • Background and difficulty questions
  • Consequence and improvement questions
  • Recognising opportunities

Selling face to face

  • The power of behaviour
  • Building rapport
  • Persuasive words
  • Tone pitch and pace
  • Influential and impactful body language

Persuasive proposals

  • Differentiating your proposal
  • Structuring a proposal
  • Using persuasive words and phrases
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes

Gaining commitment and closing the deal

  • Negotiating fundamentals
  • Plan
  • Tactics
  • Techniques to handle and overcome objections
  • Closing the deal

Selling skills practice

  • Selling scenario practice and feedback
Action planning
  • Transferring learning back to the workplace