Transport and Logistics

We have a first rate understanding of the issues facing the transport and logistics industry and we have worked with some of the industry’s major players such as Go Ahead, First Group plc, and Geodis to develop their managers to inspire and engage their people to improve the business’ performance and drive competitive advantage.

Transport and Logistics is a very diverse sector that plays a major role in both the UK and global economy. It is estimated that the UK logistics industry alone is worth over £14 billion to the UK economy, and the sector as a whole employs around 1.45 million people, which makes up 5% of total employment in the UK.

Drivers for change in the sector include:

  • An ageing workforce means that there is a requirement to attract and recruit young people into the industry.Therefore, employers need to challenge the current perception that the sector is not an attractive career for young people.

  • This is compounded as transport and logistics organisations are the second-least likely, out of all the sectors in the economy, to have formal processes for identifying and recruiting talent.

  • Meeting the challenges of increasing demand for transport and logistics services due to the economic recovery following years of cost cutting and underinvestment.

  • Oil prices will continue to be a challenge and it is likely that there will be further increases in oil prices in the future.

  • Continued focus on reducing urban congestion as successive governments pledge support to increase rail capacity.

  • Requirements to reduce the sector’s long term impact on climate change and to improve the industry’s environmental performance.

We can develop your managers and staff to deal with these challenges and deliver a fundamental shift in the culture and performance of your business. We have the unique ability to deeply understand your business vision, strategy, and goals and to design and development interventions that will deliver significant business benefits.  To learn more about our work in this sector and the impact we have had read our Go-Ahead London case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting What Our Clients Say.


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