Not For Profit Organisations

We have a good understanding of the issues facing this sector have worked with a number of leading charities and not for profit organisations such as UNICEF, Fairtrade Foundation and First Wessex to develop their managers to inspire and engage their people to improve the organisation’s performance and improve the outcomes for the people it supports.

Not-for-profit organisations and charities span a wide range of services and activities from housing associations, through food aid organisations, to sensory deprivation charities, to child support or elderly care services.

Charities have existed in the UK since the 19th Century, providing much needed support to the under privileged, disadvantaged or disabled sectors of our society.

In the 21st Century many of the original charities still exist and continue to fulfil a vital function to support and help others. They have recently been joined by or re-classified into a new breed of not-for-profit organisations, who continue to offer niche support services to people in different regions of the country or sectors of society. They sometimes meet a need by filling a gap in provision of services to the needy, which is no longer met directly by central or local Government.

Drivers for change in the sector include:

  • Changing in funding from various sources, Government, Agencies, Local Councils, Charitable and company donations.

  • The management of these variable funding streams is an art in itself.

  • The provision of their services “at the sharp end” is also seldom straight forward.

  • Combining these complex variables with the additional layer of a lay Board of Trustees, Governors or Members, produces the challenging task of leading and managing these organisations to fulfil their obligation to their numerous stakeholders.

We can develop your managers and staff to deal with these challenges and deliver a fundamental shift in the culture and performance of your organisation. We have the unique ability to deeply understand your vision, strategy, and goals and to design development interventions that will deliver significant organisational benefits and outcomes.  To learn more about our work in this sector and the impact we have had read our First Wessex case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting What Our Clients Say.

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